Kling Family Construction Testimonial

Our First Testimonial is Posted on YouTube!

Kling Family Construction Testimonial

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Linda had Smoke Damage to her home. I am not going to say Service Master was out there, I am not going to say ServPro was out there, but there was a company out at her house, using negative air machines and not ozone machines to remove the smell from her house. Negative air machines ONLY remove soot from the air. They DO NOT do anything for smell. For smells Ozone is the cheapest, safest, easiest and best!

Lead Paint Certified Contractor

I have been receiving a lot of questions and concerns about the EPA’s new requirement regarding lead paint and remodels/repairs in your homes. There has been a lot of misinformation so here is what you need to know:

1. Starting April 22, 2010, firms working in pre-1978 homes (built before December 21, 1977) and child occupied facilities must be certified AND use lead-safe work practices during renovations.


1. Renovation activities where lead is not present
. (Must perform test on all areas being disturbed. Hybrivet Systems makes the ONLY EPA-certified lead testing kits)

2. Emergency services. (water damage dryouts, et. al.) – After Emergency Services are performed, requires proper cleanup supervised by EPA-certified technician, if lead is present.

3. Minor repair and maintenance. (Less than 6 SF per room, in general. Exclusion does not apply to window replacement.)

4. Renovations performed by homeowners in their own homes.

If you have further questions or want more information, go directly to the EPA website:

EPA Website – Lead

If you receive HUD payments or are working on a HUD property:

HUD Website – Lead

Or if you do not like those websites, you can email me directly or comment and I will respond relatively quickly.

Los Angeles Dodgers Travelling Tickets

If you were in the Los Angeles area and wanted to go to a Dodger game spur of the moment, log onto twitter.com/dodgertownusa.

The Dodgers announced today they will be selling tickets to Dodger games out of a truck. The truck will go to events, parks, and retail locations in the greater Los Angeles area.

This service will prove especially useful during midweek games versus teams like Pittsburgh or the Nats.