Tile Restoration

We start a new job tomorrow. Here is a pic of the tile we are going to clean, re-grout and seal and preservation of a unit that was built in the 1900s.

We will also be restoring and refinishing this bathtub. Finished pics to come soon!

Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles

We had a pretty nice Saturday this past weekend. First on our stop was the Red Bull Soapbox Derby estimated to have over 100,000 attendants. And I know they are promoting Red Bull, but it would have been a tad bit better if they had more: 1) Beer Gardens (they had zero, a shame, I know!) and 2) Bleachers – for better vantage points. I am lucky to be tall and aggressive enough to have gotten a few pics:

The Starting Stage

That’s a beaver if you were wondering…

This guy got all ’10’s but didn’t have what it took to win I guess…

Overall, very entertaining….

but….like I said before, no beer, no food, time to go to Wurstküche for some great Belgium and German Beers and Brats, and on our way over we stumbled upon this:

The 500 days of Summer park!

Now to Wurstküche:


The duck and bacon sausage with hot peppers, onions and some mustard. Yum.

After that we went to Angel City Brewery for some mediocre beer but some pretty cool art:

And our last stop was of course the MOCA:

The Banksy exhibit was not the coolest but definitely the most popular (above).

Painted trains.

and the end of our day downtown:

dude, where’s my car?

Visiting…with Huell Howser

Truly, one of my most memorable moments was when I met Huell this past weekend.

David Robinson and I decided to make one last stop on our way home from Palm Springs. It was the Moorten Botanical Gardens, home of the “Cactarium” which is a greenhouse specifically dedicated to growing succulents and cacti. And anytime Dave Robinson suggests we go somewhere, it is best to follow along because something magical always happens.

After meandering through the beautiful botanical gardens and being awed by the luxuriant “Cactarium”, Dave and I were pondering which succulent varietal was our favorite to purchase. And as I made my way for a smart Cereus, Dave whispered to me, “Dude, there’s Huell Howser!”

I looked up and there he was. Clad in a bright orange, short-sleeved button-up and white shorts, smiling and laughing with the grace and ease of a gentle wind.

My heart was racing, I knew I was in the presence of greatness, of a legend. And he glided up to us, charmed us, asked us about our newly purchased succulents; He has the same curiosity, the same vibrant zest for people as he does on his show. More, even.

He charmed me and Dave. We “bro-ed” out with Huell for at least 15 minutes. Nobody else was there, we had him all to ourselves. A real treat. Just me, Dave, Huell and Clark Moorten, the Gardens’ proprietor, curator, and succulent expert.

Library Card

My wife, Jill and I just got our library cards! Pictures to come. After moving into our new place in Santa Monica, it took us exactly 1 month to get these. Imagine the learning and entertainment that’s going to take place now….it’s pretty amazing.